Squad Care Business 2024

Squad Care Business 2024


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PEVRS knows what a difficult business environment this pandemic has presented, and we want our local businesses to know that we are in this together! I am very happy to present an opportunity to offer a great benefit while supporting your local non-profit rescue squad! We are proud to kick off an expansion of Squad Care coverage.

A Squad Care: Business membership offers coverage to all employees and volunteers while at any location where an employee is performing job related duties. Just like a regular Squad Care membership, a Squad Care: Business membership covers the out-of-pocket expenses for the uninsured portion of PEVRS charges including any costs for co-insurance and deductibles not covered by insurance for all employees. Emergencies happen, and they can be a financial burden. Squad Care: Business means that anytime an employee is “on the clock” and requires emergency transportation by PEVRS, they will not be responsible for any portion of the ambulance bill not covered by insurance. Squad Care: Business does not cover emergencies that may occur outside of working hours.

In addition to looking out for your employees, enrolling in Squad Care also serves the people of Prince Edward and Cumberland Counties. As the cost of emergency medical services rises, Squad Care helps ensure coverage for your family, friends, and neighbors while keeping taxes low.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the Squad Care: Business membership please don’t hesitate to reach out (434-392-6973).